Miles for Mary

This May, Pregnancy Center West invites you to participate in our special month-long fundraiser, dedicated to honoring the Blessed Mother while promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

WHO: Anyone can participate!  PC West supporters, volunteers, staff, board members, and their friends and family!

WHAT: Split the Pot physical, mental, spiritual challenge to be active and make a mindful note for prayer.

WHEN: The ENTIRE month of May (May 1-31)

WHY: To honor the Blessed Mother during the month of May!

Help make this a fun challenge by inviting your friends, family, co-workers and have a friendly competition of who can complete this challenge successfully!

To participate, sign up and commit to walking, running, biking, swimming a mile every single day of May.  If you’re unable to be physically active, you can still be a part of this meaningful event. Simply commit to saying the rosary and dedicating time to prayer every single day throughout May.

At the end of the month, we’ll provide a form on our events page for you to share your journey with us. By filling out the form you are confirming that you have completed the challenge, and will be entered into an exciting SPLIT THE POT prize drawing. It’s an opportunity to win big while supporting a cause close to our hearts!

Join us in making May a month of reflection, rejuvenation, and community. Together, let’s honor the Blessed Mother and celebrate wellness in all its forms.

Click to SIGN UP and join us in honoring the Blessed Mother!