Board & Staff

Pregnancy Center West’s staff ensures the day-to-day operations of Pregnancy Center West. Through their efforts, Pregnancy Center West remains a viable alternative for the cause of life for the hundreds of clients served each year.

Current Staff Members

Linda Trenn

Executive Director

I’m Linda Trenn, and I am first and foremost a mother of three wonderful kids, Nathan, Amanda and Kyle; and Mamaw to the loves of my life- I have been in the healthcare field most of my life, and my love of life and helping people led me to Pregnancy Center West over 2 years

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Jame Jirovec

Development Director

I’m Jame Jirovec, the Development Director at Pregnancy Center West. The devastation of abortion echoes through generations, touching lives far beyond the immediate. It’s this ripple effect that fuels my passion to raise funds and combat its rise. With a diverse professional background, I’ve seized the opportunity to channel my expertise for this cause. Join

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Nick Luken

Grants Officer

I’m Nick Luken, and I’m PCW’s Grant Officer. I’m a relatively new husband and father, with a son who’s nearly two and another child on the way. Before I came to PCW, I had five years of experience writing grants and doing some other fundraising work, and I love putting my skills to work for

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Maribeth Gieseke

Nurse Coordinator

a proud member of the St. Maximillian Kolbe parish in Liberty Township is our new Nurse Coordinator. Growing up on the west side in St. Dominic parish and graduating from Seton High School, her roots run deep in the community. For 37 years, she’s been a dedicated nurse, but her true calling lies in being

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Marybeth Young

Client Education Manager

I’m Marybeth Young, and in February 2022, I joined Pregnancy Center West (PCW) to manage BrightCourse education. With a background in nursing at TriHealth and teaching college students, I sought a meaningful outlet for my skills and passion for helping others. Introduced to PCW through volunteering with my children, I initially pursued a role as

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Kate Rewwer

Ultrasound Technician

Kate Rewwer is a registered nurse who obtained her BSN from Mt. St. Joseph University in 1997. She has a background in labor and delivery, post-partum, outpatient surgery and community nursing. She is wife and mother to 4 children, ages 17-25 and has discovered a passion for accompanying women in difficult pregnancies and empowering them

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Sue Ulmer


Meet Sue Ulmer, a cornerstone of Pregnancy Center West since 1999. Initially joining as a bookkeeper while her husband Steve served as a client advocate, Sue has seamlessly transitioned through the tenures of 7 Executive Directors over her 25 years with us. Her dedication extends beyond her role, as she finds immense joy in collaborating

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Maddie Clemens

Office Coordinator

I’m Maddie Clemens, the Office Coordinator for PCW. From the heartlands of Wisconsin, I now call Walton, Ky home. As the Office Coordinator here, I’m dedicated to helping women in need, blending my faith with action. From assisting both the client and development side of the office needs to organizing files, I keep things running

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Sara Reisiger

Outreach Coordinator

“My name is Sara Reisiger and I am one of the School Outreach Coordinators here at PCW where I assist in running our school outreach program, “The Body Matters”. I was born and raised on the Westside of Cincinnati, and currently reside in Delhi where I live with my husband, Matthew. I have been volunteering

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Jillian Leonard

I’m Jillian Leonard and my job at PCW is with the Outreach Program, “The Body Matters,” for local grade schools and high schools. I am a Cincinnati native, with a previous background as a nurse in Cincinnati Children’s Emergency Room. I have a history of working with students, from teaching cycle charting to high school

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Letty Reifel Hater

Brightcourse Assistant

Jo Brennan, RDMS

Ultrasound Technician

Angela Mohs

Ultrasound Technician

Sara Grant

Ultrasound Technician

Johnny Condit

Outreach Coordinator

Pregnancy Center West remains a viable place for engagement in the pro-life arena due to the dedication of faithful, compassionate individuals who serve on our Board of Directors.

As they volunteer and support us, we serve the local community from a better position. Through them, Pregnancy Center West is a voice of hope, life, and faith as we work together to build the Culture of Life.

Current Board Members

  • Bill Schinkal, Board President
  • Lisa Bloomfield, Secretary
  • Linda Maurer, Treasurer
  • Dr. Jason Mattingly, MD, Medical Director
  • Janet Franke
  • Zach Franke
  • Mike Hackman
  • J.P. Hennessey
  • Mark Hennessey
  • Mary Hennessey
  • Teresa Hofmeyer
  • Clint Kersting, CFP
  • Ed Miller
  • Ray Roesner
  • Lisa Smith
  • Andrew Spoor
  • Ian Wilson

Thank you to all of our Board and staff!