Board & Staff

Pregnancy Center West’s staff ensures the day-to-day operations of Pregnancy Center West. Through their efforts, Pregnancy Center West remains a viable alternative for the cause of life for the hundreds of clients served each year.

Current Staff Members

  • Linda Trenn, Executive Director
  • Nick Luken, Development Director
  • Brigid McLinden Duffy, Client Services Manager
  • Marybeth Young, RN, Client Education Manager
  • Letty Reifel Hater, Brightcourse Assistant
  • Jo Brennan, RDMS, Ultrasound Technician
  • Kate Rewwer, RN, Ultrasound Technician
  • Angela Mohs, Ultrasound Technician
  • Sara Grant, Ultrasound Technician
  • Maddie Clemens, Office Coordinator
  • Johnny Condit, Outreach Coordinator
  • Sara Reisiger, Outreach Coordinator
  • Sue Ulmer, Bookkeeper

Pregnancy Center West remains a viable place for engagement in the pro-life arena due to the dedication of faithful, compassionate individuals who serve on our Board of Directors.

As they volunteer and support us, we serve the local community from a better position. Through them, Pregnancy Center West is a voice of hope, life, and faith as we work together to build the Culture of Life.

Current Board Members

  • Bill Schinkal, Board President
  • Lisa Bloomfield, Secretary
  • Linda Maurer, Treasurer
  • Dr. Jason Mattingly, MD, Medical Director
  • Janet Franke
  • Zach Franke
  • Mike Hackman
  • J.P. Hennessey
  • Mark Hennessey
  • Mary Hennessey
  • Teresa Hofmeyer
  • Clint Kersting, CFP
  • Ed Miller
  • Ray Roesner
  • Mike Rolfes
  • Lisa Smith
  • Andrew Spoor
  • Ian Wilson

Thank you to all of our Board and staff!